Monitoring and Evaluation of MDF (Minerals Development Fund) Projects

On the 25th of February 2021 the Local Management Committee (LMC), led by the Municipal Chief Executive Mr. Alfred Amoah visited five (5) MDF water Projects.
The secretary pointed out that, it is important to evaluate the progress of the projects awarded by the Committee hence there is the need for proper monitoring during project implementation cycle so as to ensure value of money.

Mr. Elvis Yeboah, the Works Engineer, explained that all the five (5) boreholes located at Adzenkye, Nzema Nkwanta, Surano A, Atronsu and Aboduabo at the time of visit had been successfully drilled and the contractors, JPP Construction and AJR Construction will complete the projects as scheduled.
He said, Geo-technical investigations had been conducted for all the five (5) boreholes. However, the contractors are yet to present the report for study and assessment. He also said that JPP constructions had purchased all five overhead Polytanks (7000ltr each) and are still in the process of installing the concrete platforms on which the Polytanks will be placed.

He reported on the 12-seater pour toilet facility being constructed at Chirano that, the walls of the facility were being erected during the monitoring exercise. He further explained that, the septic tank had been dug, the borehole drilled (pending pump installation) but the concrete platform to house the overhead tank was still being constructed.

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