Marriage Services


To give recognition to customary marriage and divorces, the PNDC Law 112(1985) mandate the MMDA’s to register customary marriage and divorces.

In view of this, Bibiani-Anhwiaso Bekwai Municipal Assembly register same. The registration of marriage attract fees fixed by the Assembly.

Per the PNDC Law 112, customary marriage rites must be performed before registration can be made


  1. Customary marriage rites performed.
  2. Married Persons  should appear in person before the registrar of marriage
  3. swear affidavit  to confirm truly they are married( The affidavit either signed by court registrar or commissioner of oath)
  4. come with two(2) witnesses (one from each side) preferably family members.

The registrar having satisfied with the requirements proceed to register the marriage.

The following  information would be from the marriage persons to process the registration.

  • Date of marriage
  • Place(s) of residence of persons married
  • Amount of expenses incurred for the marriage for the marriage rite
  • Name and  addresses of witnesses
  • Ages of the married persons
  • Town/Place where the marriage ceremony took place

The registrar having  finished the  registration will issue customary marriage certificate and a copy of  marriage registration form  to the married persons.

With the divorce Assembly process only marriage registered by the Assembly which also attract fee fixed by the Assembly  


  1. Affidavit in support of divorce by party seeking dissolution of the marriage
  2. Customary, what constitute divorce has been properly done.
  3. Names of parties to the marriage
  4. Place(s) of residence of parties
  5. Place of dissolution of marriage
  6. Date of  dissolution of marriage

The registrar also having satisfied process the customary marriage dissolution form and copy given to the party.

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