Agriculture Department

Modernized agriculture culmination in a structurally transformed economy and evident in food security opportunities and reduced poverty
Mission Statement
To promote sustainable agriculture and thriving agribusiness through research and technology development, effective extension delivery and other services to farmers and fishers processors and traders for improved livelihood.
The economy of the District is essentially agricultural. The agricultural sector is dominated by crop cultivation and employs 76% of the population with 55.3% female participation. Out of 54,240 hectares (62%) of total land area available, only 39, 828 hectares are currently under cultivation. By virtue of the extensive yields, the Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai District has great potential for investment in agro processing.
Food Crop Cultivated include cassava, plantain, rice, maize, cocoyam, vegetables etc, whilst
Cash Crops cultivated are cocoa, Coffee, oil Palm, Rubber, Citrus, Black Pepper and Pawpaw.
A variety of livestock and poultry is also raised on commercial basis and a great potential.
Fish farming is promising venture, while raw materials for cottage industries include cassava, bamboo, cane, raffia, clay oil palm, etc.
Rice Cultivation has become very popular in the District Cultivation. Several food crops farmers, who used to grow maize, cassava, groundnuts, etc., have now shifted into rice cultivation. The land has proved particularly good for the crop and the harvests have been encouraging. Already, some farmers are harvesting two crops in a year.
The Department has staff strength of 23