As part of government’s effort to incorporate Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) into the mainstream of society and to help them contribute their quota to the development of the nation, 3% of the District Assembly Common Fund (DACF) was allocated to support PWDs activities.

As captured in the Guidelines for the Disbursement and Management of the District Assembly’s Common Fund for Person with Disability, the aims of the DACF for PWDs are the following:
 Minimization of poverty among all PWDs particularly those outside the formal sector of employment, and
 The enhancement of their social image through dignified labour.

The objective of the fund is:
• To support the income generating activities of individual persons with disabilities as a means of economic empowerment.
• To provide educational support for children, students and trainees with disabilities.
• To build the capacity of PWDs in the districts to enable them to advocate and assert their rights and undertake awareness raising and sensitization on disability issues.
• To support persons with disabilities have access to technical aids and other assistive devices and equipment.

Over three hundred (300) applications were received from Person with Disabilities. The Disability Fund Management Committee (DFMC) met on four different occasions, selected and vetted all received applications. Sixty (60) applications were shortlisted, assessed and the final list of 40 was agreed upon to receive the first disbursement for the year to support income generating activities for PWDs. Support for education, medical and other aspects will also follow soonest.

The following were the disability categories that benefited from the disbursement of the 1st tranche for the year, 2019
1) Difficulty moving: 23 people
2) Difficulty seeing: 10 people
3) Difficulty hearing: 6 people
4) Multiple disability: 1 person

The under listed was the breakdown of items that were received from the District Assembly by Person with Disabilities as a start-up or top-up:

1) Fufu Machines: 8 people
2) Deep Freezer: 15 people
3) Tricycle (Aboboyaa) 2 people
4) Industrial sewing machine 3 people
5) Industrial knitting/overlock machine 2 people
6) Second-hand towel (2 bills) 1 person
7) Gas oven / cylinder 1 person
8) Popcorn machine / cylinder 1 person
9) Hair dryer and hair weavon products 1 person
10) Power sprayer of mist blower 1 person
11) Photocopier/printing/scanning machine 1 person
12) Agro-chemicals 3 people
13) Leader works 1 person

In Conclusion the support to PWDs will make a lot of impact in their lives as most of their requests were met and also
Families should be tasked to contribute to the empowerment of PWDs.

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